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Gopi Talav, Surat


Surat, Gujarat


431,000 Sq.Ft.

Gopi Talav is a lake in the Gopipura locality in the city of Surat in Gujarat state of India. It was built in circa 1510 CE by Malik Gopi, who was an affluent merchant and governor of Surat during the Mughal Empire. In 2012, the lake was renovated by Surat Municipal Corporation and the area surrounding it was redeveloped as a recreational facility.

The main inspiration for this project was the city of Surat itself. The project aimed at studying different aspects for which the city is famous and trying to implement those aspects in the form of a richly enhanced design format. Establishing a link through a distinct range of variety of specialties was challenging. Since the objective was to celebrate the essence of what the city stands for and bringing that experience on a common platform.

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