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Founded in 2013, Design Matters was the creation of Reshma Karmarkar and her business associates that brought together their decades of rich work experience.

Under the aegis of Reshma and her set of experienced senior associates, Design Matters offers highly creative and conducive environment to teams of super-talented architects and interior designers. The firm has profound experience in creating superlative concepts and designs across a wide spectrum of thematic, contemporary, neo-classical, and futuristic styles; and managing construction administration and turn-key fit-outs for large commercial spaces and high-end luxury residential projects.

Our Leadership

Designs are boring if they aren’t telling a story. Reshma Karmarkar is an ardent believer of visual storytelling in her architectural and thematic designs. She is an award-winning thematic architect, India’s leading concept expert and highly sought-after design entrepreneur. India’s first live entertainment, theatre and leisure destination, ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ at Gurugram was developed under the design leadership of Reshma in her earlier thematic architectural firm. The popular project went on to win the coveted VM-RD Retail Design Award in 2011.

In 2013, Reshma founded Design Matters, a firm that specializes in conceptualizing, designing, and developing thematically-inclined architectural projects across residential, commercial, entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare sectors.

Reshma was recently recognized as one of the 50 Under 50 Best Architects in India 2021 by Architecture & Interior Design Excellence Awards & Conference 2021.

Reshma Karmarkar
Reshma Karmarkar, CEO & Chief Architect

From her professional days to her entrepreneurial times, Reshma has been at the forefront of blending designs with stories and amalgamating architecture with conceptual themes, with one sole purpose – creating designs that evoke emotions. Over the last 25 years that involves specialized focus on Thematic Designs for over a decade, Reshma has had rich hands-on experience in designing hundreds of high-profile projects In India and abroad. These marquee projects include Glocal Junction (Worli) and The Jade Garden at Mumbai, renovated Gopi Talav at Surat, the IIFA Lounge & Bar at Mumbai International Airport, the Curse of Salimgarh Dark Ride at Adlabs Imagica, Tasse De The at Mumbai, and Alto Bar & Lounge at London.

A double graduate in Architecture and Interior Design from Mumbai’s premier educational institute, Reshma exudes unwavering passion for design coupled with superlative strategic and tactical skills in project planning and execution leadership. Undoubtedly, her keen eye for detail, her design innovations, and her uncanny ability to decipher clients’ needs accurately have helped Reshma make a definite mark in the design development & construction field, which is still a tad gender-lopsided. Reshma strongly believes in amalgamating art with science, and always urges her teams to trust their design instinct. She is a great proponent of striking a fine balance between logic and emotion to conceptualize and develop surreal designs that not only keep customers right at the center of it, but tell compelling stories to be remembered.

Our Studio

We offer full-service thematic architectural and interior design development services. We craft concepts into designs and create the visual environment that not only suits you but reflects your or your brand's personality.
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