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Krishna Residency Banquet, Mumbai


Mumbai, Maharashtra


7,000 Sq.Ft.

‘Rasa’ dance is a part of the traditional story of Lord Krishna, described in Hindu scriptures. The term ‘Rasa’ meaning aesthetics, Thus the concept design reflects the same in the banquet decor. We, Design matters team strongly believe that aesthetics are the vital part of any design exercise. As Rasa being the dance form about joy and bonding, the design here binds all the elements collectively, delivering a blissful experience.

The scriptures were used to identify the colour scheme and pattern flow, blending it in a modern form of design. The design includes, flooring pattern of marble inlay work. Rich veneer finished doors, Partitions with wooden slats and glass, the transparency depicts the pure and divine form of Rasa. The ceiling design is quite simple, yet enhancing the decor with the lighting design. The chandeliers are the highlight of the decor which consists of simple straight lines with beautiful crystals. The grand adjoining terraces are designed with natural decor elements, green walls, water fountains, Gazebo sit-outs, etc. to compliment the interiors of the Banquet. The Buffet area is well segregated with the leisure seating, maintaining privacy. The design unfolds its modern elements in the ancient form with the colours and patterns used. The Interiors of the banquet boasts the analysis of ancient rasa scriptures, portraying the modern sequel of the same. 

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